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Würzburg, 23.06.2010 - Oiling a floor the easy way – solvent-free!

The trend goes towards a more natural look

In the past oiled wood flooring has always been associated with high maintenance costs and products with a high content of solvents. Since over 5 years PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K is fighting this bias successfully. Now the new update-version is completely solvent-free (Giscode Ö10) and thousands of installations in high-traffic areas prove the advantages of fast oil installations and renovations. 

PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K is an oil-wax combination that leaves an open, breathing and diffusive surface finish. Due to the wax content, a uniform matt, velvety surface can be achieved. Thanks to the hardener component, the product dries ultra-rapidly and thus allows renovation work to be completed in the shortest possible time – with no reduction in resistance to mechanical wear or chemicals once allowed to dry overnight. The improved density of the cross-linking action results in a stronger water and dirt repellent surface that cannot be achieved with single component oils. Dirt-removal can be compared to lacquered wooden floors. The high care expenditure of parquet oils does not apply to MAGIC OIL 2K.

Additionally the product line now includes MAGIC OIL 2K ERGO, which is especially recommended for bigger-sized projects, as it can be applied with an applicator in a standing position, thus providing relief for the back and knees of the craftsmen. With the ERGO version only one application-layer is needed. For wet rooms and outdoor areas the version MAGIC OIL 2K SPA was created. So the three versions of the PALLMANN MAGIC OIL line can be used for a wide area of application, thus making sure that the customers can get their preferred natural look in every situation.

PALLMANN is of German origin and has over a century of experience in the surface finishing of wooden floors. Providing a complete system of surface finishes, the brand has been a pioneer in the development of water-based coatings. PALLMANN customers can choose from a structured and innovative product range which is unparalleled when it comes to quality.