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residential house Villingen

The new Pall-X Colour wood floor stain system from Pallmann Colours for every taste

  • Märke: Pallmann SE
  • Land: Schweden

The new Pall-X Colour wood floor stain system from Pallmann
Colours for every taste

Increasingly, the trend in wood flooring is towards the use of exotic woods. The situiation was quite different only a few years ago: Light coloured floors made of Oak, spruce, or maple were in great demand, and are still today preferred by many wood floor layers and contractors.
But what if you want to change the "look" of your floor, without the need to purchase a completely new one? This new wood floor staining system from Pallmann enables beautiful and unique transfromation of your existing floors to suit your individual taste.

"Staining to Perfection" is the promise of the new Pallmann Pall-X Colour wood floor and parquet stain system from Pallmann. The product is unique for its outstanding brilliance and "depth" of colour, its even coverage and ease of use. The new Pallmann Pall-X Colour wood floor stain was used to great effect in the renovation of the floors of a house in Villingen-Schwenningen in Swabia / Germany.

Before treatment of the wood flooring could be started, a test board was treated with  Pallmann Pall-X Colour in black brown and inspected by the client. Following approval the old oak mosaic wood flooring was belt sanded with 36 grit, followed by 60grit sandpaper. The joints were then filled with Pallmann Pall-X Kitt (joint filler) in order to achieve an even, gap free, surface. Further belt sanding using 80 and 100grit belts took place to remove the excess filler and to improve the finish. Finally the floor was sanded with a rotary machine with a Pallmann grade 120 multi hole pad to ensure a perfect surface to accept the stain system.

Pallmann Pall-X Kitt was then applied evenly to the floor and the edges using the specially designed Pallmann Colour application roller, ensuring that the overlap and edge areas were carefully rolled out to avoid any traces of application marks.

After being left to dry overnight the stained floor was treated again with a vacuumated rotary machine using a white pad in order to remove the excess stain. The floor was then vacuumed again to ensure a completely dust free surface.

Pallmann Allbase primer was applied evenly and generally with a Pallmann solvent application roller, quickly followed by a second coat laid at 90 degrees to the first. (Consumption per coat approx.100gms/psqm).

The primed surface was then treated after approximately three hours drying with the unique 1 component, water-based Pallmann Pall-X Nano wood floor lacquer. Pallmann Pall-X Nano is particularly suitable for heavy wear wood floors due to its high durability and excellent scratch and dirt resistant qualities. It was applied with a Pallmann roller for water-based coatings (at a consumption of approx 120gms/psqm per coat). After approximately 4 hours drying time, the surface was sanded with a rotary machine with a Pallmann 120 grit multi hole pad, then vacuumed before applying the final coat of Pallmann Pall-X Nano wood floor seal.

The client was extremely pleased with the resulting renovated floor surface and particularly with its new, modern style. A perfect balance has been achieved between the depth and intensity of colour and the natural wood texture.

Installer: Ganter GmbH Schwenningen
The treatment of the parquet flooring was carried out by the company of Ganter GmbH, a specialist in floor coverings, curtains and upholstery from Schwenningen. This family company with 16 employees has since its foundation at the beginning of the 1960’s specialised in the laying of parquet flooring, continually expanding the company over recent years thanks to the outstanding quality of its work.